GLORT stand for Good Looking Out Right There. This acronym has been made famous by the members of Forever The Sickest Kids.
That's some GLORT!
"Yeah right next door to northern lights it owns in here no siggity siggity syke. GLORT!"
by Zach Fergie Ferg May 10, 2009
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To act in a glorious manner, with sass and possible shenanigans
When a gryffindor is challenged with a seemingly impossible or difficult task, there answer is that they will do it “FOR THE GLORT” and they will perform said task with sass, flair and as many shenanigans as it takes.
by MamaWeasley November 30, 2020
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Good Looking Right Out There oppistite to Blort
Hey it's Glort
by YoYoYeah April 25, 2009
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glizzy and short combined into 1 word, used to describe a moment of exclamation, is the opposite of a glong
this shit is making my glong into a glort
by D11GYT December 28, 2022
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When a woman squirts her period on the wall
look at the glort
'OMG i cant believe she just glorted'
by Sarsypan March 19, 2010
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The short brief description that accompanies links on Web sites where high usability is valued over graphic design.
link href This glort accurately describes the content you'll find if you follow this link, and provides enough detail to let you decide whether it's worth clicking or not.
by Zack September 22, 2003
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That noise you make when you have to fart but the shit still manages to squeeze out somehow in liquid form.
(GLORT)! Damn time to change my undies again.
by Lars June 4, 2003
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