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Describes the ability to have a say in what happens with money. Involves influence over large deals, financial transactions, and business dealings. Results from power, wealth, and/or position.
Cardi B used to be a stripper but now she is famous and can make money move.
by Lam Sauce May 3, 2018
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Corporate idiom for what will happen after an application or interview. Like, how many more rounds of interviews are remaining, when will you let me know, etc
Applicant: What are the next steps right now?
Recruiter: We're going to review interview results and get back to applicants for a second-round interview within the next week.
by Lam Sauce May 14, 2018
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HVM stands for high value male--used in some online dating communities to describe a man who's attractive, smart, popular, wealthy, powerful, etc etc. Such men are rare and women will fight to get them. Opposite of low value male (LVM).
Six figures and 6 feet tall? He's a HVM
by Lam Sauce June 28, 2023
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A peer-to-peer app facilitating money transfers. The hood equivalent of venmo
cash app me $5 for a surprise
by Lam Sauce March 24, 2020
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the PR marketing-friendly term that business use to describe the state of pandemonium caused by coronavirus in 2020.
During these unprecedented times, our business will still be here for you, we are your friend, we will make you happy.
by Lam Sauce May 31, 2020
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when you lose all your money, like from being robbed or in the casino
Yo let's go to Vegas next month
Nah bro I got cleaned out last time not tryna do it again
by Lam Sauce December 8, 2020
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