64 definitions by Lala

baby, lover, boy/girl friend, shorty, hunny
'Hot Sexy Punkie, Me Punkie'
--Sean Paul
'Punkie' from 'Dutty Rock'
by Lala January 02, 2004
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1.Artist of the surreal.
2. A fragrance.
1. Salvador Dali is the best surrealist ever!

2. Hey La what perfume are you wearing it smells soo good?

Me: Salvador Dali.
by Lala January 05, 2004
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1 .The best fuckin movie ever made.
2. Should have really existed.
1. "Many, choot dat pice o' chit"- SCARFACE
2. I WouLd HaVe DoNe AnyThiNG PoSsiBLe To BaNG hiM!!!!! (a.k.a FuCk HiM <-4 the retards)
by Lala January 05, 2004
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The best thing in the world; tasty; sexy, also see seductive.
Baby, you're myo!
by Lala February 24, 2003
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