Literally "dirty" pronounced with a West Indian accent. Can also have a positive connotation, for example Sean Paul's album title "Dutty Rock".
"The girl is pretty but she corrupt and dutty!"

or, in a positive usage:

"Booya! That freestyle was dutty!"

by J Hall April 3, 2003
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Dirty ( westindies )
Bun Yuh Dutty Skunt Bredren
Go Fuck yourself you dirty bitch
by Laquita December 29, 2005
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Can also be used the same way as "really cool" if used in the right context.
Yo Stu, your shoes are Dutty
NOT the same as
Yo man, Parker's fernie is dutty

by "Dutty" Velvet January 21, 2009
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Dutty refers to something that is vulgar and socially-unacceptable.
P1: Dude, I just threw up on a bird and then I took a picture and sent it to my Gran!

P2: Dude, that is so DUTTY!
by JediStarkiller October 27, 2011
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This can be used to describe music such as Dubstep. It specifically describes the bass 'drop', which in most songs drops to an incredibly low level and then does wobbles characteristic of Dubstep music. All in all, making the person either, smile, or shit their pants.
Person 1: Dis choon is baree dutty
Person 2: Yah man, alie
by FriarBen September 2, 2010
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Something that's sick, or cool, or entertaining. Mostly used by teenagers that think they're g's.
Boy: 'Yo did you see that goal in the match yesterday?'

Boy 2: 'Yeah, was dutty!'
by Jessie ggggg December 27, 2011
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