64 definitions by lala

1.A horrible place where bad people go to when they die. 2.An equivalent of hell.
Bad little kids who lie go to Furbyland when they die. The furbys never shut up there. OHHH NOOO NOT FURBY LAND!
by lala June 19, 2004
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The best thing in the world; tasty; sexy, also see seductive.
Baby, you're myo!
by lala February 25, 2003
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1. Someone trying too hard to fit in with a specific crowd of peepz. They usually change the way they act, dress and or talk.

2. A faker, a poser
by lala March 6, 2004
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South-African street slang for cool, You must posses some really cool gear to be able to use this word, Kwaai is the top form of "Coolness"
If it isn`t Kwaai it`s uber-ghey | OMg did you see tose Kwaai Shoes
by lala March 10, 2003
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1. Cocaine
2. A Movie about cocaine
3. Suckin dick
1. I'm really fienen for some blow
2. Have you seen BLOW yet? Johnny Depp is soo fine!
4. F: Hey La?
La (ME): Sup?
F: Could ya do me a favor ma?
La: Whats dat boo?
F: Could ya blow on this dick lil mama?
by lala January 6, 2004
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The best day and my personal favorite day of the year.
The guy who left the definiton from the source YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS, sounds a little too cranky, maybe he should celebrate 420. (DUMBASS!)
by lala January 6, 2004
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