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A step above soul mates, reserved for only the raddest of people, this is some deep shit. Created my combining the words Gnarly and Soul-Mates
"Kerstin and Greg are Gnar-Mates."
by LakSom March 17, 2010

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Someone who has a Polar Pop on them at all times, no matter the occasion. Polar Pop Pros also have the unique ability to locate a Circle-K in any city at any time, almost like a 6th sense.
Ricky Ross put that down you Polar Pop Pro, we're in church."
by LakSom March 17, 2010

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A bowl packed with two different kinds of weed.
"Dan, pack up another Ricky Ross Special, i'm off work tomorrow!"
by LakSom March 16, 2010

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When the weather is shitty and unpredictable.
"I was going to go to the beach, but its Ohio-ing out"

"Cancel our vacation honey, the forecast says it will be Ohio-ing all week"
by LakSom May 12, 2010

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Mosk (ma-sk) - Originating in Ohio, mosk is commonly used by stoners to describe a ridiculously hard hit or drag that produces an incredible amount of smoke when exhaled. This is preformed by inhaling rapidly and filling the lungs to their maximum capacity.
"She just mosked this bowl."

"Mosk this and your down for the count."

"This guy's mosking like a fog machine."
by LakSom March 10, 2010

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The street name for a synthetic marijuana that gets you higher than you could ever imagine. This synthetic marijuana is legal and sold over the counter as herbal incense. The active ingredient that replicates THC is JWH-18.
"Are you ready for some DOOM?"

"Sit tight, I just packed one full of DOOM!!"
by LakSom March 17, 2010

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To be ridiculously high, almost too much to handle.
"No more man i"m eepin"

"Greg just eeped."

by LakSom March 17, 2010

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