A Person Who likes to drive over plants
Oh man, you pulled a classic Kerstin
by Dandidan March 28, 2020
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Amazingly Beautiful, Incredibly talented. everyone wants to be just like her. Smart, funny, and makes you feel good just by being around her. Loving and sweet, well-rounded and popular, every guy wants a Kerstin of his own. Faithful, Independent, Thoughtful and HOTTTTTTT!!!
Kerstin is a goddess, a temptress, a suductress. Every woman wante to be her, every man wants to have her.
by abacusman February 3, 2010
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She is a sensitive soul who is artistically talented and who at first appears to be aloof and shy. If you are fortunate enough to get to know her you will find a serene inner beauty that is seldom seen. Slow to commit and very selective, but once she lets go, she will love deeply. Truly down to earth and real she will tell you like it is, but she will always have your back. She is extremely loyal and dependable. Her wit is often misunderstood, except for children who love her funniness and adore her. She is intelligent beyond the norm and loves meaningful talk, she couldn’t be bothered with gossip. Truly unique and her own person, she is one of a kind with a sense of mystery. Always thinking of others first, she doesn’t have an egotistical bone in her body. She’s the one that will steal your heart and the one that you will want to keep forever. She is loved and cherished by those who know her. She is stunning, a true classic beauty with unbelievable eyes and gorgeous hair. She is secretly lusted after by many and is completely oblivious to it. If you see her, you will turn your head. Once you’ve met her she will not leave your thoughts. She is simply one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet in your life and totally irresistible. If, however, you meet her on the soccer field or the squash court, your feelings may be slightly different as she will be merciless and undoubtedly crush you. Otherwise, you will not want to let her go, ever. I know I don’t.
"Dude, how are you?"
"Why, what's up?"
"Kerstin said yes!"
"You lucky bastard!"
by matsolin February 6, 2010
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A beautiful girl that makes everyone happy. She has great manners and has a playful side that is inresisable for many. She has a great personality that absolutely anyone would be lucky to have as company. Kerstine is the perfect friend for almost anyone and is incredibly intelligent. Plus she is full hearted in everything she does
Kerstine is adorible.
by Cheerio1 December 29, 2015
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Sexy bitch from scotland.
Loved by multiple australians, mainly ash :D :D

will be missed lots when she goes home, but while shes in aust its party timessssss!
Kerstin Hunter: i havent got any pooooooost (in scottish accent)
Ash: i'll right you a letter
Kerstin Hunter : heaps good!
by ashnkerstin September 20, 2009
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A dirty Kerstin is when a girl from school goes into the boys bathroom, laying on the floor and screams for help from the janitor. As he comes in she grabs his dick and YELPS!
That girl gave my man Dave a good ol Dirty Kerstin to the point he died.
by Me69urmum July 3, 2020
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The best friend ever, and also the hottest mf around. Future wifu? Future stepmom? I don´t care, as long she is in my life
Some bitch: who is that??
Some other bitch: thats the new girl Kerstin Halldin Lööw! om she´s turning me gay
Wille: *ljud med bakre halsen* hold my Miranda
by vagajjaj December 7, 2019
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