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The greatest drink known to man, available at Circle K. It is the official drink of Jungle Bunny. Basically a 32 oz. drink of your choice in a styrofoam cup, it claims to keep your drink cold longer. However, this is a lie. But it does cost only $0.59 ($0.64 after tax). For best Polar Pop results, mix different beverages. The best known Polar Pop:

-A good amount of Go Ape! energy drink
-Some Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Code Red
-A good amount of lemonade
-A little bit of Slice
-A very, very small amount of unsweetend iced tea
-If desired, a small amount of slushee can be added as well. This not only tastes good, it keeps the drink cold without requiring ice.
"Dude, let's grab some fuckin' Polar Pops!"
"Polar Pop run!"
by FHD August 31, 2005
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A fountain soda that comes in a extra large styrofoam cup that's loaded with ice and usually purchased at a convenience store.
Kaylee : So girl where did you and Jake go for lunch?
Kiersten : Just went to the gas station we shared a sandwich and Polar Pop!
Kaylee : How romantic!
Kiersten : I know and by sharing A drink we also shared slobber too it was like kissing of course we did that as well.
Steve: Hey Kiersten want some of my Polar Pop it's Dr Pepper!
Kiersten : Uh gross I don't want your slobber in my mouth!
Steve : How bout my Dick!
Kaylee : Fuck off Steve before I make you wear that Polar Pop!
by SlopNChop July 18, 2017
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When your girl puts an ice cube in her pussy and it's your job to find it before it melts.
My girl tried doing a polar pop with me last night, but it melted.
by valentinta June 18, 2017
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When you give someone a blow job with an ice cube in your mouth, adding a pleasant tingly sensation
Last night at the strip bar, Sparkles took Jeff to the back room where she took a sip of her 7&7 and gave him an icy-cool refreshing polar pop.
by billyvenus May 02, 2012
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When one sticks a frozen ballon in vagina then continues to fill balloon up until popped.
I was with Hoover last night and he told me he polar popped some guy .
by Hoover June 05, 2015
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A drinking vessel which provides optimal cooling effects on ones titties.
"Hey Tammi can I borrow those polar pops?" "Yeah, right after I pull these titties out"
by Bart900 May 04, 2017
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