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A term used at Utah ski areas (Alta, Snowbird) to describe a tourist of inferior skiing ability. This noun was coined due to the distinctive sound made by a skier, tangled in their own equipment, tumbling down a steep ski slope.
Look at that Beater on the expert terrain; he is going to die.

One Skier to another: "Nice face plant, you're such a Beater!"

Go ski Nebraska you frickin Beater!
by Kurty December 06, 2006

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The legal name that the late Frank Zappa gave to his only duaghter.
Moon Unit was the Val voice-over in the Frank Zappa Song "Valley Girl".
by Kurty December 06, 2006

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A straight male that may be perceived as metrosexual, but differs from the metro man by choosing to dress in high-end outerwear and embraces a “Mountain Lifestyle”. His wardrobe is the key differentiator and will consist of any brand such as, The North Face, Arc’tryx, Spyder, and Descente. Usually has a painfully common name like Rob (Robo to his friends), and lives in, or near Lodo. This individual snowboards or skis every weekend, preferably at Vail.
I’m riding Vail this weekend with my Mountrosexual friend Robo.

That Mountrosexual is totally kurt!

Check the spendy spyder jacket on that dude, he's defiantly a Mountrosexual.
by Kurty December 08, 2006

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An adjective used to describe a very peculiar thing or situation. A cross between funky and perpendicular, or straight-up funky.
That chick has some funkendicular hair; I've never seen dread locks and purple highlights.

I've never been to such a funkendicular party where people smear Vegimite all over each other, and then lick it off!
by kurty November 30, 2006

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1. A proper noun used to describe a corporate office with a large number of cubicles; also called a cube farm.

2. A pitiful place where victims of cubicular cancer usually reside.
I'm so sick of this fuggin cuberot, I’ve got to get out of Cubeville before I contract cubicular cancer.

Whilst in Cubeville, I could smelled the unmistakable aroma of burnt microwave popcorn wafting over the cube horizon.
by Kurty December 11, 2006

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A self proclaimed technology expert that resides on numerous advisory boards within the software industry to compensate for their feelings of complete social inadequacy. This individual exhibits fanatical behavior when discussing computer technology and is perceived by others to be a completely arrogant and pompous know-it-all.
The software advisory board contained only one uber-geek named Alexander who monopolized every discussion with his mental masturbation resulting in his eventual dismissal.

Dude, you are completely wrong if you think that that programming language will be viable in a year; do you think that you are some kind of uber-geek or something?

Those guys behind the help counter that call themselves the “Geek Sqquadd” are so NOT uber-geeks.
by Kurty December 06, 2006

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abbr. Operator-Driver-Mechanism:

A term used by an uber-geek to clandestinely make fun of a less skillful computer operator who has made a stupid error.
User: My screen is blank.

Uber-geek: sounds like the ODM...is the power on you artard?
by Kurty December 07, 2006

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