When a girl sits in between two dudes and jacks them off simultaneously as if she were using their cocks as ski poles
Juanita loves to ski slope her two best male friends, Bryan and Rob.
by DramaDramaDrama November 15, 2008
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The action of male ejaculation on a someone's ass crack and letting the sperm ski down.
I decided to give her a ski slope, so I pulled out and shot it on her ass.
by El Cid June 21, 2003
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to have a nose so long that it reseambles a ski slope.
that girl's nose is so long it looks like a ski slope.
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The act of anally penetrating someone with force using gravity and the skill of sking down a slope. The victim is stuck in a stationary position at the end of the slope.
dude i totally feel like ski sloping kmster at the mall of the emirates indoor slope.
by hax0rdewd September 15, 2010
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an adjective used to describe a woman or a girl's breasts. The breasts are shaped in a elongated curve resembling that of a ski slope. Very uncommon and very undesirable to many.
That girl at the bar last night had a nasty set of ski slopes - I mean seriously, they should be registered for the winter olympics.
by eastondle September 23, 2009
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When a girl sits naked on her back with her ass to the bed's edge and her legs up in the air. The guy stands at the foot of the bed holding her legs like ski pulls and fucks her while moving her legs back and forth while going "swish, swish, swish"
John totally ski-sloped that bitch, she was a real black diamond. It was the best ski slope this week.
by 1n1 & Fun January 24, 2011
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A huge hill covered in ice-plant.
Jose wanted to have some fun after work, so he stole the trash can lid off his neighbors trash can and went down his Mexican Ski Slope.
by Pedro L. May 12, 2008
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