The ability for a person to endeavor in the practice of vertical rigidity in a such a manner as to stiffen or make all other items in the vicinity erect.
"Damn, that girl's got some great posture!"
"That girl's posture so good you know she ain't got scoliosis!"
"Look at that...mmm...she's got perfect posture!"
by Winnie Whitehall March 3, 2010
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Taking a position of defense whether verbally or physically.
She started posturing when her definition of hip-hop was disputed.
by CapriceClassic June 10, 2009
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One's pose or stature when walking, standing, or the like.
He had a very strange posture because he hunched over like Mr. Burns.
by Will Latson December 12, 2006
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Dam girl you taking all those drugs and u still keeping your posture
by Gleb Dmitriyenko March 20, 2010
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When you sell a huge deal and then start lobbying to give freebies like you were the fucking Goodwill
I'm posturing after I sold a deal for 98k, give James a huge account when he's already taken care of
by TheLLTruth April 17, 2009
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Piss Posturing = Personal Interest in Social Situations (PISS). Some people fake that they have a sincere personal interest towards one individual in front of others in a social situation. Imagine a CEO holding court at a work function dinner table asking questions of a new junior associate. In the case of Piss Posturing, BOTH the person showing the interest, and the person receiving the interest KNOW that the person showing the interest doesn't give a damn about the other person. It's purely a SHOW, a posturing, to show others how personable and humble the person showing the interest is.

The person being shown attention feels as if he/she is being PISSED ON, and both he and the other person know it. Down deep, despite smiles on the faces, the junior associate is thinking "You don't care about me, you're pissing all over me in front of these people and there's nothing I can do about it."
She's an annoying Piss Posturing socialite. She showed a lot of interest in me at the dinner table, but couldn't remember my name when we left the party.
by Chris Rickety Spritz March 24, 2017
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