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The ability for a person to endeavor in the practice of vertical rigidity in a such a manner as to stiffen or make all other items in the vicinity erect.
"Damn, that girl's got some great posture!"
"That girl's posture so good you know she ain't got scoliosis!"
"Look at that...mmm...she's got perfect posture!"
by Winnie Whitehall March 03, 2010
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One's pose or stature when walking, standing, or the like.
He had a very strange posture because he hunched over like Mr. Burns.
by Will Latson December 11, 2006
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A chiropractor looking at a girl as she walked by and says to gf i am a professional and was checking her posture
You have great posture.
by Kuehlstein April 23, 2018
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