When something or someone is liked then disliked, or alternating frequently on status of opinion.
damn, she treat me so hot n cold.
by Frat house BEA November 9, 2008
A new unit of measurement as defined by the price of a Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready Pizza ($5). When money is tight, and pizza is your primary food source, things get a lot more real.
Hey Steve can you loan me $25 for some concert tickets? No way Jason that is like 5 Hot-N-Readys.
by Puddy's 8 Ball Jacket March 11, 2017
Shortened slang for two American favorites: Hotdogs and Hamburgers. I first heard this term from my younger brother (though I am sure it existed beforehand)and it cracked me up. It proves useful as a drunken exclaimation or for when extreme oral laziness takes over.
Mark: C'mon dude we gotta get beer and fire up the grill!

Julie: What are we eating?

Mark: Hots 'N Hams

Julie: You mean hotdogs and ha-

Mark: HOTS 'N HAMS!! That's what I said woman! HOTS 'N HAMS! and BEER!
by Mike Falcigno April 25, 2005
Alternate way to designate a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready.

Can also be called a hot-n-sexy depending on your tastes.

The nastiness is in the excess pizza grease.
Boutta pick up three $5 hot n nastys before going to Dave’s.
by Kamikaze 2001 March 15, 2019
A slang name for a loose girl, who dances in a club, more than likely beyond drunk.

Dresses with little to no clothing, usually with a thong or G-String showing. Grinding on every guy who will buy her a drink. Ready to take home and wear out.
"Whatcha wanna do tonight?"
"Man, I'm going to Emerald, get me a Hot 'N' Ready!"
by Marvin Van Loon November 11, 2009
When you need help with something and whoever was supposed to help you has left temporarily. Usually used when it’s during hot weather, but it could also be used rhetorically to say that you’re in hot shit.
*Putting up a tree in Christmas time.*

Ben on a chair stacked with boxes holding the tree for balance : Hey lawn can you hand me another ugly Christmas ornament that we need 200 of.

Lawn: Yeah sure, let me check what’s in the bag of infinite storage in a convenient nymph thigh colored foldable tote.

Ben: It’s pink, but okay QVC. Hit me.

Ben: …

Ben: Hot n’ Halp!

Lawn: Sorry I was trying to tell the guy under my bed that I’m going to fart.

Ben: Don’t forget to make sure he ain’t messing with your chicken wings.
by Bennehftw January 16, 2023
Hot dog and sloppy joe together on a hot dog roll
I ate a hot n sloppy with ketchup and mustard at the barbeque.
by redsoxtimmy September 9, 2011