All general statements are false.
Person 1: Everyone who uses Windows is teh ghey.

Person 2: Dude, Rule 6, you're wrong.

your mom: Isn't Rule 6 a general statement, thus rendering itself false?

Person 1: Shut up.
by Edzo August 29, 2008
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Generally accepted internet rule that states that Anonymous can be a horrible, uncaring monster, so prepare yourself for the concequences of posting a new topic.
Rule 6 in action:
/b/ poster: Hey /b/, I just finished making this hat for a friend! What do you think?
Anonymous: I think you don't have any friends. Enjoy your hat.
by danthaman15 June 13, 2009
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There is no such thing as too young.
An example of rule 6 is if your 20 and your partner is 45.
by Misc Hobo October 3, 2008
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6.) A friendship doesn't form between two members of the opposite sex without one of them having feelings for the other at one point.

Describes the the common phenomenon regarding relationships between two members of the opposite sex. Proven true time after time, it has caused heartache of many men and women through the centuries. The abbreviation "Rule #6" comes from a list of advice posted online where this particular piece was 6th on said list.
"Carly has feelings for me, but we're best friends- I don't want to be anything more. I guess Rule #6 is striking again."

Person one: "Hey, where's Max?"
Person two: "I don't know, we're not everywhere together all the time."
Person one: "It seems like it, you better be careful before Rule #6 strikes him down."

by Kellzisalie January 27, 2009
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Deep down what every woman wants in a man - 6 feet, 6 inches and 6 figures.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there!
Girl 2: I'm sure he definitely follows the 6 rule!
by allieb December 9, 2014
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The 3-6 rule is the only exception to the bro code, ( but only if both bros have agreed upon it)

The rule is that after a bro breaks up with a girl the other bro has to wait 3 weeks before he can officially get together (date) with that girl. After that 3 week he has to wait another 3 week to bang her. Thus making 6 weeks.
Bro1: Hey bro if you and Jackie ever break up can we use the 3-6 rule?

Bro2: sure!
by Landocoats October 31, 2013
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