No female apears to be unnatractive while performing felatio upon you.
John- "Dude that chick's ugly"
Tony- "Dude, rule 4: no girl looks bad with your dick in her mouth"
by fa-la-la-la-latio October 22, 2010
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Always use google traduction when you find something that might be interesting in an other language
Guy 1 : Hey, I found this French article about a new cool game
Guy 2 : Well i'm going to use rule 4
by Hidden person lol November 11, 2022
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Only 2 guys to a fight
Brad Pitt: Rule 4; Only 2 guys to a fight.
by thechikinman July 9, 2020
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A man who is single, and has expressed intentions of meeting a woman who has particular traits, can cite rule 4. This rule means his friends must greenlight an introduction between the two if said friends mention this desirable babe. see examples.
Friend:"So, Jim's girlfriend has this nice blond roommate and-"
single male seeking blond:"Rule 4."
Friend:"Shit... Talk to Jim about it, maybe you can meet her."

Friend:"So, this chick rear-ended me today-"
Dude:"OMG, I love Asians!!! Rule 4"
Friend:"Here's her insurance information."
by SingleGuy4956187597492 July 15, 2008
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Rule #4 is a rule that states you must respect women at all time, and you must never pressure them with unwanted romantic advances. It is used to keep lacrosse players everywhere off the shit list
Chad: "grabs chicks ass at a party"
Brad: bro what are you doing!? Rule #4 bro!
Chad: holy shit bro I'm so sorry your right, rule #4
Chad: I'm sorry that I disrespected your personal space Jill, please forgive me
by SadFart64 October 2, 2019
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4/1 - April's first.
No one in the entire internet can be trusted, especially on 4/1.
*on 4/1*
Guy1: ¡Oh my god , Half life 3 is coming out and Facebook buys Linux!

Guy2: Rule 4/1.
by Fasox April 3, 2014
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Any grouping of instruments and genre that you can be conceived of does exist and has been preformed (and recorded).

A musical interpretation of rule 34.
rule 3/4 as preformed by Korn and their use of the bag pipe in "Chutes and Ladders", also Arcade Fire
by X_mathman February 14, 2011
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