Dysphoria is an experience trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people have. It describes discomfort, loathing, anxiety, and depression revolving around one's social gender role and/or physical sex characteristics. It's a very serious experience that leads to larger anxiety/depression problems, depersonalization, thoughts of suicide, social withdrawal, self harm, etc.
Fallon: Where were you last night? We missed you at the party.
Skylar: Sorry. I had a serious bout of dysphoria and couldn't bring myself to go.
Fallon: Oh, I understand. You didn't miss much, anyway.
by kyerowan January 17, 2014
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1. The opposite of euphoria.

2. An unpleasant situation or effects.
Tripping under the wrong conditions can cause one hell of a dysphoria.
by Sashie402 July 18, 2004
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A state of dissatisfaction with life in general. The opposite of euphoria.

from Greek dusphoros 'hard to bear'
adolescents with dysphoria are considered normal
by magicmenagerie February 4, 2020
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A feeling that all transgender people get, whether they are mtf, ftm, or nonbinary.

Gender dysphoria | Feeling like you are a gender that is not the one you were assigned at birth.

Body dysphoria | Being uncomfortable with certain body parts because they remind you of the gender you do not identify as. Whether it be your no-no square or your feminine hips.

Social dysphoria | Discomfort in the gender the people around you see you as, and how they treat you based on that.
Nick: Bro why aren’t you feeling good today?

Leo: I’m feeling a lot of dysphoria today.

Nick: Yea man I understand.
by Leooo0_thelion August 1, 2019
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The opposite of euphoria. It’s a mixture of depression, anxiety, rage, and despair.
I had a serious case of dysphoria after me n my girl broke up.
by artificialcherry February 21, 2009
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so·bri·e·ty dys·pho·ri·a

/səˈbrīədē disˈfôrēə/

A state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with being sober
I'ma call the plug. My Sobriety Dysphoria is really acting up today.
by TheTallestPsychonaut June 28, 2021
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