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An Australian apparently. Australians are "British rednecks"; according to a quote by deceased American actor Robin Williams.
Read the article in the 2010 British newspapers: Comedian Robin Williams has provoked anger in Australia by declaring its people are "basically British rednecks".

Prime Minister Rudd of Australia fired back during a radio interview, hit back by recommending the comedian to "spend a bit of time in Alabama before he frames comments about anyone being particularly redneck". -- lol!
by Krazee Rob December 6, 2018
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Polish and other Europeans.

The Jew, WASP and French Huguenot's are hiding behind the scenes and watch you people and playing God. They like dicking around with you people and telling you all what to do. they are the master race. but, I am a Cajun and i've known about this secret for some time. But I'll just spill it out to you Europeans in case you people need to get ... a clue.

They're basically sitting down laughing at everyone. The civilized world we live in is (a cloak, camouflage) to distract you. The non-Jewish people. (or "gentiles", "goys") >>>> while you people out there struggle to make sense of it. <<<
The Jewish, British and French Huguenot people are laughing at the world cause they know nobody will ever figure them out or believe you. See, I can just say to all you people. fucking clueless
by Krazee Rob August 10, 2019
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The mayor of Chicago who is a Democrat. Many people believe he would be the perfect Democratic politician to run for president against Republican Donald Trump in 2020.
Rahm Emanuel is a very smart Democratic leader; with an even better reputation than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. And perhaps will be one of our future presidents. Everybody likes Rahm Emanuel; even Republicans will admit that he is hard to despise.
by Krazee Rob November 30, 2018
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A 1980s synthesizer. It is often considered to be the best manufactured synthesizer of all time. (by music professionals and experts alike.)

It sold for a very short time and was then discontinued. Through 1981-1984; but not even 3 full years. (Much to the dismay of disgruntled musicians who want to test drive it.)

It is unknown why Roland discontinued making the Jupiter-8. Many people believe that the Roland Jupiter-8 was way too powerful and costly for Roland to build, more than people to buy it. So they had withdraw it; in order to save their company from bankruptcy. (In other words, it cost Roland more money to build one; than for someone to buy it on retail.)
So, you want to buy a Roland Jupiter-8, eh? Well, You're going to have to save 15-16K thousand bucks for a used one! (this bad boy Synthesizer is even more costly than an average house or used car! Mindblowing.)
by Krazee Rob December 14, 2018
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A genre of music, that for some reason, unlike Disco, will just not die already.

In the 1980s it was a good alternative to Disco and a positive social voice for Blacks (or African Americans), but has since then faded, degraded and has become an icon of crime, hatred, greed, gang related violence; or just for people wanting to look or be bad.
We can only hope that Hip Hop can die like Disco and blacks can create a new, positive, original and creative music genre.
by Krazee Rob December 8, 2018
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An often very misunderstood, despised, hated & underappreciated people in Eastern Europe.

Psychological studies have proven that the Polish people aren't actually rude or arrogant people at all; and their behavior (or accusation of being rude or arrogant) is simply a major misunderstanding. Polish people just have a different way of interaction & social skills.

If a Polish person likes you & is trying to be helpful, they will often be blunt with you & to-the-point. To westerners this may seem as rude, arrogant or sarcastic. For Polish people this is a sign of friendliness. Polish people tend to be very common-sense oriented people; they tend to be sheltered/isolated and are religious. So if a Polish person upsets you; don't worry, s/he is usually not trying to insult you or hurt your feelings; and this is mostly an unintentional behavior. (unbeknownst to Polish) In the Poland; what is seen as rude behavior in the Western world is actually seen differently in Poland & is actually viewed as a friendly gesture/mannerisms among the Polish.

Polish people, unlike Westerners, tend to value collectivism and the greater good, much like Eastern societies - Korea/Japan/China. While Westerners tend to be more individualistic. So if you are from Western Europe or even USA, don't be surprised or find it bizarre that a Polish person is acting different from you. To them, this behavior is normal & they don't realize it is unusual behavior & isn't understood in most Western nations.
Polish people will often view you as an outsider. But don't worry: The reason for this is because they were brought up in a strictly isolated Catholic country; and therefore they are very "clannish" people. They are a lot more savage and uncivilized; and more devoted to helping and working people; especially their own Polish people. Polish people do not like people who get in their way and view themselves as hard-working and important. They do not like small-talk or gossip. They avoid these things and other unnecessary interaction; often considering it to be a waste of their time.

Poles are a very family-oriented people and very nationalistic and for the greater-good; and individualism in Poland is seen as "laziness/selfishness/slacking off"; and a betrayal of important responsibilities and duties; and is therefore frowned upon by Poland. Individualism and Liberalism are not as celebrated in Poland as it is in the Western nations (i.e. such as England, France, USA) where it is seen as the norm. Polish people are not racist people but tend to be very suspicious of other people, which is why they have a high restriction on immigration. Likewise, this is why it often seems that Poles are prejudiced and also act and follow each other as a group and see themselves as very important people.
by Krazee Rob December 11, 2018
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A stupid, ridiculous form of music and a movement that many Millenials are unfortunately attracted to. Basically, they like to claim that they are original artists. Or are doing something unique, new or original. In reality, their music is not at all original and is basically all around being eccentric and impressing people. See: ostentatious. Many people think that this is better than mainstream music; when in reality it is not even far from it, and is just another unoriginal subculture.

"Indie music" type of people usually believe they are smart or bright and are usually left-wing or Libertarian.

In reality, they are all self-righteous people and are passive-aggressively preaching and pretending to be of a higher culture. And most of them are closet Marxists. Most of them are also vegetarians/vegan types. (You know, those lame New Age types that are pseudo-intellectual and mistakenly believe they are "enlightened", somehow.)
Indie music is for politically correct wannabe musicians ("hipsters:) who want to look hip or deep, when the truth is they are actually NOT these things; and are just another bunch of followers and unoriginal "original-copycats", just like everyone else.

(Indie is not to be confused for underground musicians. Indie and Underground are NOT the same thing.)

Indie music is for juvenile people who just want to look artsy or creative. It's an even far worse counter-culture scene than Punk rock.

Indie music is the worst form of counter-culture music, just like Emo.

They have no understanding or respect for roots music like Americana or Classical, either. Essentially, this makes them "non-musicians" - and they don't even realize their music and lifestyle is a self-mockery and is actually feeding off them. See: lost cause They have a tendency to bash people who seem ignorant of their culture or esoteric things. (i.e. so-called "Rednecks" and country music etc.) Ironically, Indie people are the actual ignorant, arrogant and prejudiced people. (And the reality is, nobody significant actually gives a fuck.)
by Krazee Rob December 15, 2018
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