A member of the Protestant Church in France ca 1500-1700s. They were inspired by the writings of John Calvin
She said she was a descendant of the Huguenots
by SolarAbyss January 10, 2010
Pronounced Huge-a-not. An excessively large individual... Larger than a Bingham.
Wow, that chick is a Huguenot! Did you see her arms?
by DrKVBailey July 20, 2006
Huguenot is a neighborhood in the middle of Staten island where all the Tottenville high school and is7 students go to skip their first and second periods or to drink, smoke, blast drill music and "get sturdy" while telling the local cops and crossing guards to go fuck themselves all before 8:30 in the morning, the traffic from 8-9 in the morning while the middle aged crack women of SI drop off their kids either horribly early or horrendously late also makes trying to get to work a chore and likely will ruin your whole day. Not to mention the fact that the only deli to get any fucking food charges you $6.50 for a bacon egg n cheese and that's before the drink (probably Arizona) so it looks like you'll be getting a greasy croissant from dunkin for breakfast every morning. The amount of fog in the train stations waiting room from the wannabe gangsters morning backwoods' means your likely to get absolutely nose fucked while waiting for your everyday 8:30 train
student to other student: "yo lets skip class and go hang in huguenot"
by spoiledeggs November 1, 2022
Another yacht club on the long island sound, lots of rich people from pelham manor go here, to store their fancy yacht. Neighboring the new york athletic club. Founded in the 1800s. The sailors are world class, another example of rich yacht clubs on the sound like larchmont yacht club. THEY OWNED AN ISLAND! AN ISLAND!
Honey, why dont we become members at the huguenot yacht club? Oh dear you know you have to have an income of 500,000 dollars a year to be a member! Remember, were from new rochelle no pelham!!
by Landon673 October 26, 2019