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The style of mullet worm by Billy Ray Cyrus
Barber - "Are you sure you want the Billy Ray?"

Customer *points to hair*/*whistles* - "Just do your job Mel..."
by Kozar April 10, 2005

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The extremely hot and ample chested females in a gym that wear pink tops and do squats, behind the neck pulldowns, military shoulder press, butterflies, etc. and cause men to not work out. If she is on the machine near the water fountain, then all the men will go home well-hydrated to their fat ugly wives. Frequently they will have a boyfriend with them with biceps larger than your thighs.
-Hey man, how did your workout go?
-Ahhh, I didn't get anything done...
-Why not? Too crowded?
-Gym Kryptonite?
-You know it... Now if you'll excuse me I have to go to the bathroom.
by Kozar May 05, 2005

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The mullet on a female, usually a bull-dyke lesbian (aka lumberjack lesbian).

Further defined as "Women's Lib. in the front, house-wife in the back." - Kozar
My ex-girlfriend will most likely have a fem-mullet by then end of this year.
by Kozar April 10, 2005

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To use the bathroom (urinate or deficate) and exit the bathroom WITHOUT washing one's hands. Essentially to "walk" out without washing your hands.
My boss is a confirmed shit-walker.

Dude, did you just walk?
by Kozar April 10, 2005

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The word used by WEAK MINDED individuals to describe their desire for things that they are not strong enough to obtain.
Guy 1: I hope that Paula will go out with me.
Guy 2: Well she isn't going to go out with you if you don't get off your ass and put some effort into the cause.
by Kozar September 06, 2005

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