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1: Software that serves no useful purpose, but impairs the function of your computer, often due to using up RAM. Unlike spyware or malware this is just due to poor design rather than malicious intent.

2: Software designed to make computers easier for lusers to use, but ends up teaching them bad habits which cause them to wreck their computer or otherwise make using it more difficult than it needs to be.
Much of the "bonus" software that comes pre-installed with home computers sold by major manufacturers tends to fit one or both definitions of "retardware".
by Korgmeister August 02, 2006
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verb, transitive, past-tense.

Infinitive form: to kodak.

Present/future tense form: kodakking.

Definition: To involuntarily suffer near-total to total data loss to your hard drives. Especially if due to poorly programmed proprietary software that comes with new hardware.

Background: Some versions of Kodak Easyshare software had a tendency to mung FAT32 partitions. Yes, I was one of the victims of that delightful little bug.
Fucking driver update totally kodaked my box, and I have an assignment due tomorrow!...URGE TO KILL, RISING!
by Korgmeister March 15, 2005
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Translation from scientist to normal person speak: We honestly have no fucking idea.

Sometimes, even scientists don't know what's going on. At times like that they tend to act like everyone else, which is that they assume the most popular idea must be correct. Unfortunately, this is sophistry, not science.
Dr John Snow, I am tired of your incessant prattling about Cholera being a water-born disease! There is a scientific consensus that it is spread by a miasma and that is final!
by Korgmeister March 21, 2005
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An advertisement so incredibly annoying that it actually puts you off whatever it advertised.
I hate those unvertisements where they're having a clearance for furniture or carpets and someone is constantly shouting. They don't make me want to buy stuff, they make me want to find the manager of that place and shove a screwdriver down his ear canal.
by Korgmeister April 01, 2006
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A programmer who insists upon writing user-hostile code, simply because it's easier to do and doesn't want to admit their own lazyness and contempt for end users.

Most (but not all) Linux programmers are Trabant Builders.

Background: Communist East Germany produced a car called the Trabant. By some accounts it was an engineering marvel, as it could be built and taken apart using only 3 or 5 spanners. However, it was a rather pathetic car and nobody in their right mind drove one by choice.
D00d1: I wanted to make an AMV using Kino, but it turns out it's only compatible with one single codec. When I asked why he did that, he said it was easier to program and should change it myself if I'm not happy.
D00d2: Whoa! What a Trabant Builder!
by Korgmeister March 21, 2005
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A phrase/meme which is common on, or originated from, 4chan.
Common examples of 4chanisms are: O RLY?, harbl, shoop da woop and rule 34
by Korgmeister December 29, 2006
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A situation with the potential to explode into serious drama, but which can be prudently avoided by remaining silent/lurking.
1: I didn't give an opinion on this earlier because I didn't want to risk stepping on a drama mine.

2: I'd rather stay out of this blog war, I know better than to go stepping on a drama mine.
by Korgmeister August 02, 2006
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