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This word has its origin on the 4chan imageboards, more specificially the "/b/ - Random" imageboard there. The moderators on that board sometimes install wordfilters that change certain words or phrases to other words and phrases when a post is made and much hilarity ensues. A recent example for this was when "FTW" (For The Win) was wordfiltered to "SUCKS". Similarily, at some point the word "cock" was wordfiltered to "harbl" because the moderators got tired of the meme "I'll suck your cock" which of course then always read "I'll suck your harbl". Since this was almost 2 years ago many newer users don't know the origin story (so to speak) and just use it as a random (pun intended) nonsense word. Most recently it has become integrated in the "I'm in ur ______ verb+ing my/your ______" meme.
I'm in ur garden tanning mah harbl
by an hero November 02, 2006
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A word that originated on the 4chan imageboards. People are divided on what it came from, some say it is a bastardisation of harbour, some say it is a bastardisation of horrible. Others think it spawned as a word in itself. It is used mainly to refer to the male reproductive organ, although it can sometimes refer to the female reproductive organ.

It is usually used in the cliché 4chan sentence structure of "I'm in ur ______, ______in ur _______"
I'm on ur radiator, heatin' my harbl
I'm in ur washmashchine soakin' my harbl
by DeTaiL August 01, 2006
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While it seems to have multiple ideal origins, one that seems to make more sense would be a cats testicles. Testicles are often refered to as balls, and cats have hairballs, remove some letters, you get harbl. This word most likely originated through pictures on 4chan.
I'm in ur soda bubblin' mi harbl.
by Yaharii Mesa September 22, 2006
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The male reproductive organ. A penis. The term was introduced into popular cultrure via the image board and troll website 4chan.
I don't like it when men try to touch my harbl!
by zuba February 21, 2005
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