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In any sort of RTS (real time strategy) game where you control an army (especially Warcraft), to charge into an opponent's base as quickly as possible with the intention of at least slowing him down, if not taking him out altogether.
Let's rush Night Elf or Undead, they're the easiest to take out.

We can't rush the Human guy, he's towered like a little bitch.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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Short for micromanagement. Relates to such games as Warcraft or Starcraft, where control of multiple units simultaneously is required.
OMG this guy has no micro, he left a crypt fiend behind.
Teal, your bad archer micro made it impossible for my hero to do anything.
He's just a n00b with no micro.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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Black helicopters are part of a conspiracy theory that claims that special silent running "black" helicopters are used by secret agents of the New World Order, United Nations troops preparing to invade the United States of America, and/or the Men in Black. Parapsychologist John Keel has argued that this theory has similar origins to those regarding UFO's, ghosts and fairies; that they are part of modern mythology; in this case, representing a fear of the government and its technology.

Black helicopters without FAA-required running lights are regularly used by the drug interdiction office DEA. In addition, most US Army helicopters (such as the Black Hawk) are finished in a very dark chocolate or olive matt paint. With the progressive development of night vision goggles, the need for helicopters to be lit when moving as a planned formation has been reduced.

See also: TACMAR

in short, any farfetched theory concerning any government or other conspiracy, can be espoused by either those of right or left wing persuasions.
Noam Chomsky's theory about Soap operas being geared to lure women from politics sure is a black helicopter theory.
by Koby_Fish April 04, 2004
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To be repulsed, disgusted, or otherwise made uncomfortable. Usually describes a reaction to certain types of NWS content on the net, such as stickyfic, slash, porn, or just strange concepts that a person can't get their head around.

from squick.
That slash fic sure squicked out a lot of people.
by Koby_Fish May 29, 2006
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On the various incarnations of THE TRANSFORMERS cartoon (especially Beast Wars), slang for a female robot.
"That Blackarachnia sure is a nasty fembot."
by Koby_Fish April 22, 2004
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In Warcraft III, to take a peasant or peon near the beginning of the game and build guard towers or watch towers starting at the edge an enemy's base in order to make it impossible for the opposing army to leave the base. If successful, this strat can not only destroy an opponent's army but his town as well.
OMG orc just Tower Rushed me! TP with seige!
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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In any sort of Real Time Strategy or Role Play Game, to go out and attack neutral units for gold and experience, as an alternative to attacking opposing players early on.
Teal: Wanna rush?
Blue: No, let's creep. I want my Hero at least level 3 before we take them on.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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