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In Warcraft III, to take a peasant or peon near the beginning of the game and build guard towers or watch towers starting at the edge an enemy's base in order to make it impossible for the opposing army to leave the base. If successful, this strat can not only destroy an opponent's army but his town as well.
OMG orc just Tower Rushed me! TP with seige!
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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A chronic lagger; especially in an online game such as Warcraft III. Usually having to do with the likelihood that the lagger is using a dial-up connection (56k or less) and may also be downloading music or something while playing the game, thereby taxing the connection beyond all reasonableness. Hence: modem PULLER.

Coined by scron on battle.net
That guy is such a modem-puller, he lags the game so much.
by Koby_Fish July 3, 2004
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To save up one's money in a multiplayer computer game (such as World of Warcraft or Defense of the Ancients Allstars) and buy a single item that costs a lot of money, BEFORE spending money earlier on any cheaper items that are needed more urgently earlier on.
I can't believe Razor would n00b up a Sacred Relic (costs 3800)! He doesn't even have Boots of Speed (costs 500) yet!

by Koby_Fish September 17, 2005
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In Warcraft III, (either Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne), the practice of, when playing the Orc race, to select the Far Seer as the first hero and repeatedly "hero rush" the opponent's base using summoned Spirit Wolves to attack, usually targeting the workers (orc peons, human peasants, night-elf wisps, or undead acolytes).
Damn, that Far Seer is dogging me, I gotta sleep him and kill the wolves before they kill all my acolytes.
by Koby_Fish July 13, 2004
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In any sort of Real Time Strategy or Role Play Game, to go out and attack neutral units for gold and experience, as an alternative to attacking opposing players early on.
Teal: Wanna rush?
Blue: No, let's creep. I want my Hero at least level 3 before we take them on.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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Short for micromanagement. Relates to such games as Warcraft or Starcraft, where control of multiple units simultaneously is required.
OMG this guy has no micro, he left a crypt fiend behind.
Teal, your bad archer micro made it impossible for my hero to do anything.
He's just a n00b with no micro.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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On the various incarnations of THE TRANSFORMERS cartoon (especially Beast Wars), slang for a female robot.
"That Blackarachnia sure is a nasty fembot."
by Koby_Fish April 23, 2004
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