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On the various incarnations of THE TRANSFORMERS cartoon (especially Beast Wars), slang for a female robot.
"That Blackarachnia sure is a nasty fembot."
by Koby_Fish April 23, 2004
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In any sort of Real Time Strategy or Role Play Game, to go out and attack neutral units for gold and experience, as an alternative to attacking opposing players early on.
Teal: Wanna rush?
Blue: No, let's creep. I want my Hero at least level 3 before we take them on.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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In Warcraft III, (either Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne), the practice of, when playing the Orc race, to select the Far Seer as the first hero and repeatedly "hero rush" the opponent's base using summoned Spirit Wolves to attack, usually targeting the workers (orc peons, human peasants, night-elf wisps, or undead acolytes).
Damn, that Far Seer is dogging me, I gotta sleep him and kill the wolves before they kill all my acolytes.
by Koby_Fish July 13, 2004
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player1 wins with 2 pair
player 2 has nothing
Player1: Flop trash more plz.
Player2: STFU!!!
by Koby_Fish April 18, 2006
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In any sort of RTS (real time strategy) game where you control an army (especially Warcraft), to charge into an opponent's base as quickly as possible with the intention of at least slowing him down, if not taking him out altogether.
Let's rush Night Elf or Undead, they're the easiest to take out.

We can't rush the Human guy, he's towered like a little bitch.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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When one presses one's foot against another person's crotch really hard. Usually when the other person is on the floor, and the standing person holds both legs.

Source of the term unknown. A variant where both are lying down is known as the Japanese Gas Pedal
"Ugh, John just gave me a chinese gas pedal and my weiner hurts now."
by Koby_Fish January 19, 2012
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1. A mythical/legendary/nonexistent/hypothetical power tool that is said to damage male genitalia, which the mere mention of causes any child under the age of 13 who knows what a pecker is to laugh their asses off when they hear the term

2. A Black & Decker drill
by Koby_Fish April 28, 2005
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