Someone who is able to see the past, present, and future. Also known as an Oracle or a Prophet.
Person1: How does she know what happened? And how does she know what is going to happen?

Person2: She is a Seer.
by TheLoneSeer June 30, 2013
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A broken-ass character in Apex Legends used to mentally abuse players and make you feel like you're cheating with hacks. Synonym: Broken
Seer is so broken that Apex Legends isn't fun anymore.

Seer is a bullshit character and needs to be fixed.
by Brotowski August 11, 2021
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Apex character who is pretty much the rip off version of little Nas X
Hey I was playing Apex last night and used Seer
by Gvln March 26, 2022
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This word orignated from Birmingham, England and is the word "rees" backwards (see "rees" in the urban dictionary for definition). It has the same meaning as the word rees but is a different and possibly more extreme was of calling somebody a "rees" or "resol".
"HAHA look at Brendon Hanrahan's hair!"
"HAHAHAHA what a seer!"
by eLCon September 15, 2005
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To both hear and see something simultaneously.
Did you seer that tree fall in the woods last night?
by Sick_lil_me September 6, 2019
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Seere is a word from Moroccan Arabic meaning "go". It is often used right after yulla.
"Yulla, sire!" (Moroccan Arabic)
"One, two, three, seere!"
by GTAIVisbest0 April 26, 2010
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short for "serious", common lingo between douche bags and fags. Other common words are used such as "yon" and "non"
mike: Lets go skate
billy: are you seer?
mike: you are a douche, i dont want to go anymore
by Nword_lover April 7, 2011
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