Kickass, Emmy award winning CG show. Autobot descendants the Maximals battle against Decepticon descendants the Predacons.

Very well-received by Transformers fans and non-fans because of its inventive story, beautiful imagery and badass characters.
"So for now, let the battle be here... on this strange, primitive world... and let it be called.... BEAST WARS!!!!"

-Optimus Primal, leader of the Maximals, Episode 1
by Count3d October 2, 2007
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The BEST Transformers series ever. Hooks you in within minutes and causes you to binge it for days. Not only a has beautiful story, but legendary characters such as: Waspinator, Dinobot, Rhinox, Tigatron, Blackarachnia, and Silverbolt. Seriously, go out and watch this series before you die.
Person 1: What are you watching?

Person 2: Beast Wars.

Person 1: What's that?

Person 2: A great series about robots that transform into animals.

Person 1: You mean like the Transformers?

Person 2: Yes, but even better.
by Darkness Prime January 25, 2023
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The act of excessively beasting of something.
AJ: Yeah, so I was playing GTA San Andreas and I decided to kill seven cops, steal an ambulance and then drive it off a cliff with the lights and sirens going.

Mitch: Holy fuck.

AJ: Yeah, it was pretty Beast Wars.
by yourmomisawhore September 11, 2006
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