1. a fun online game where everyone either says JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA or lah.

2. A game where losers spend 20$ to buy a working aimbot

3. a game where if you are a pro, you are always screaming at noobs

4. a game where if you have no friends, it gets boring easily
1/3. 1337mexican: JAJAJAJAJA
pr0: ST*U
noob: JAJAJAJA!!!!11 lolz.
noob: what does st*u mean?
*noob uses shot 1 in aduka match*
hoogli: press f8 next turn lah
igivefreeitems: type /m igivefreeitems and then your password, and you get free avatars!
by hoogli January 7, 2005
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A fun, addicting online game where you choose a mobile tank and try to shoot enemy tanks with different types of weapons. You can customize your player (called an avatar) with new avatar items that you buy with gold (that you earn from playing) or real cash (the stupid way to go). Too bad there are too many idiots and people who don't speak English. Also, there are lots of glitches and crashes that make the game a bit less pleasant than I would like. Watch out for hackers!
Me: ready up people!
someone: jajajajajajaja! QUE PAAAAAAAAASA! tu mama es una puta! jajajajaja!
Me: >_<;; *game starts* *misses a shot*
someone: OMG YOU MISSED YOU FRICKING n00B!!!!!!11
Me: ...
by GunBoundRox September 8, 2004
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A game that is taken over by boomer pros, n00bs, cheaters, and mexicans. You're lucky if you don't lag out, and noone speaks your language, so you can't use teamwork. Oh yeah, and botters suck too.
by Thomas Anderson June 7, 2004
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a stupid fag ass game which is from korea and it sucks balls and every1 who plays it is a fag and noob and loser and have to get a life.
gunbound player1:0mfgz0rz dis game r0x!
gunbound player2:hellz yeah it does!
anti gunbound:0mfgz0rz neebs u m0therphucking playing that stupid fagass game?
by admin March 31, 2005
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A rather fun Korean game, similar to the popular "Worms" game. The object of the game is to carefully aim and shoot projectiles from one of several "Mobiles". This game now sucks because it is hacker proof.
(newbie gets the Knight as a random mobile)
NOOB:shoots but misses
pro: haha you s uck, chick!
noob: I'M A GUY LOSER!
pro: sigh...
by theskiesbled April 2, 2004
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An online computer game, much like Worms ,originating from Korea, that used to be great.

The English version has now been overrun by:
1. Singaporeans who always say "Liao"
2. Latin Americans who speak barely any English whatsoever
3. Pros who have made far too many multiple accounts and play in the beginner zone to get easier money
4. Stat whores that bulk up on money items in the no stat zone, just for money, or ones with the whole Gold outfit
5. Hackers or scammers that ask to "trade," as long as you give your item first
6. And far, far more people than there used to be on the game, causing a lot of lag, and making it difficult to gain a rank
People in a chat room in the game:

IgiveFREEitems: Give me your ID and password, so I can give you free angel wings!

GBadministrator748251245: We have made a new security that if you type your password here, it doesn't show up! See? ******

Singapore241235: Liao poeple dnut pley rite wya liao!
by FOBLumpia November 10, 2004
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A great online game, but sadly is full of idiots.
Gunbound is full of idiots
by mynameisfredwhatisyours September 21, 2003
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