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A word used in Ireland and some parts of Britain , is where a male would sit on a chair and the female would sit facing him with her two legs on separate sides and they would kiss for a long time ,the males hands would be grasping the females booty
Tom: How far did you go with Gloria last night?

Jack :She was chairing me for 5 minutes pal.
by Pablokeene89 February 15, 2018
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1) The act of being in the seated position as if seated in a chair only without an actual chair. Usually an impossible kung fu maneuver seen in movies by expert martial artists.

2) The act when a girl is riding a guy top side, then shifts her feet forward and bounces as if getting up and down from a chair repeatedly. Typically, this speeds up the climax time for the guy, leading to less satisfaction by the female, unless the sex is horrible and she just wants it to end, then she can chair the guy and that would mean she is chairing him.
Person 1) Did you see Jackie Chan chairing in that scene?
Pereon 2) Nah, I was fingering your sister.

Example 2)

Lady 1) how was sex last night?
Lady 2) Terrible, i started chairing him just so he would finish
by Ken1plus2 March 21, 2018
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Charing is a combination of chair and sharing. The saying goes sharing is caring so this is when you grab a seat for your friend to sit down in cause you care about their comfort. Or when you let someone else sit in the same seat as you and share the seat to be nice to them.
Kelly: "I saw Matt and Anna charing last night at the party".
Gigi: "disgusting she's a slut, I knew something was going on between them.

Gubs: "here you go bro". (puts chair down for his friend with no seat)
Steve: "thanks for chairing bro".
Gubs: "I got you"
by Gods Dog July 22, 2021
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Jumping down a stairset or any type of drop with a chair on your butt, landing at the bottom as if you were skateboarding.
Chairing- Running with a chair in your hands. You then jump off a drop or down a stairset, landing at the bottom on your butt as if you were sitting down.
by NickkPifer January 30, 2012
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Sitting on ones faces with a tube from their mouth into your ass. As you shit in their mouth, they throw up molecular particles that return back into your ass. As the shit and throw up gets stronger, the battle between who will win becomes stronger. The end result becomes a battle between plasmas as dragon ball z charater fight it out with a Kanehameha.
My friend Miguel and I were chairing after fighting on who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman.
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Sexual term-means to have sex or sexual intercourse
Also a term for a violent act
Hey man, did you chair that girl yet?

Dude he got chaired, it was brutal

I walked in on my parents chairing, it was disgusting
by cdr61804 June 24, 2009
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The act of having someone go on his knees and another person sitting on his back pretending or actually reading a newspaper.
Instead of Tebowing, the man got in the middle of the street and started chairing with his buddy.

The man suffered many injuries due to chairing in the middle of the high way.
by Steve Chair January 8, 2012
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