103 definition by Ken

When Kenneths run fast and guide you to safety, otherwise known as chins
Holy shit Kenneth is one hell of a pers
by ken April 02, 2004

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When abusing someone in the heat of the moment, you can't decide whether to call them a fag or a fuck. So you call them a fack.
Chopz: i hope hot chicks are provided as well as relivant materials. ie gloves
Ken: Gloves
Ken: WTF
by Ken June 13, 2004

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1. A word used by elitists and posers who want to make them or their band sound better.

2. A band/ Artist that becomes successful at what they do.
1. Fans of Slayer, Iron Madien, and any "real"punk band.

2. Metallica, Blink 182, Dr. Dre, The Offspring, Weezer, and Geen Day.
by Ken December 28, 2003

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One who wants the cack
You know you want my cack
by Ken May 07, 2005

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when moves an object with their feet without actually putting pressure on it; if pressure was applied, the object would be stepped on, but since there is no pressure it is feeted.

feeting - feeted - to foot
Andrea, stop footing the tennis ball!
by Ken February 11, 2004

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a person of color who speaks or have knowledge of asian culture and/or language
tupac speaking japanese
by ken January 15, 2005

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although originaly this is the name of a rapper from the 80's it is now a term exclamated when you overhear someone get "burrned" or insulted.
"hey, you stole my wrist watch!"
"i already have a wrist watch"
"well i saw you lookin at it"
"jo mamma you did!"
(bystander) "OHHH TONE LOC"
by Ken January 23, 2005

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