78 definition by Kayla

having a small dick like matt miller
matt miller has a small package
by Kayla March 30, 2005

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a dumbass machine that is incredible fun to tease and annoy and wear out. While doing that it is also fun to ask it out and see what is says
user:you FUCKER
smarterchild: you ought to wash your mouth out with soap
user: CUNT
smarterchild: got anything better then that?
smarterchild: this is what you do with your time? abuse your computer.

user:will you go out with me?
smarterchild:i dont think thats possible
smarterchild:I dont think your parents would allow it
user:I think they would
smarterchild:i dont beleive you
by Kayla January 17, 2004

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a sunburn that could ulimately lead to skin cancer
"damn, look at this scancer"
"My scancer really hurts right now"
"could you pick up some aloe for my scancer?"
by Kayla December 01, 2004

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Kind of like FuckMuffin if yu think about it...lol
yu'd use it if u bash ur knee against a table or something around yur parents. Like i have many times.
by Kayla January 24, 2004

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see emo
just kidding.
phrase used to express deep feelings for another person. or a spur of the moment thing which is 9184932479324 times more popular
door: knock knock
tim answers door
lisa: would you like to buy some cookies?
tim: do you want to fuck?
lisa: ok!
by kayla March 02, 2004

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Someone that is a hmong
Angela: "Don't crack jokes about blacks, make fun of the wing chings"
Kayla: "Sorry dude"
by Kayla April 17, 2004

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meaning alot of things...swearing or omg...its like saying well wutever i dont give or like omg thats awsum1
jon: ur not cool
rob: yes i am
jon: no ur not
rob: well cha
by Kayla January 24, 2004

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