Sperm Craving Disorder is a condition that effects both guys and girls, caused mainly by a sustinence from oral sex, symptons can be relieved by ejaculating and eating it, or by perfroming oral sex on a male if you are a female
"Dude that bitch is gagging for it"
"Nah man... she just has SCD"
by RobNob January 02, 2010
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SCD, (commonly known as Second Company Defense) is a ROBLOX group, lead by jc62097, the group is mostly famous for their appearence in the novel "SCD Boom Bangers", but what people might not know is that they spend their time patrolling the ROBLOX game "Pinewood Computer Core". SCD spends most of their time being upset at anyone who opposes them, and is known to get easily furious if given any type of negative feedback, whever constructive or not. SCD prides themselves behind a beautiful sheet of false glory; to put it simply, they might think they're the best, but truly aren't. Their famouse motto is "SCD HOO RAH!", which they will yell in mass at the end of a successful patrol, in the common even in which they do fail, they will quietly leave the server without saying a single word, after all they're too high and almighty to admit defeat and a good game. In conclusion, if you're doubting to join SCD, ask yourself this: "Am I willing to come off as an egomaniac with god complex problems?"
God SCD almost killed me, not because I turned on the lasers, because I said "lol trash" in chat.
by lolbyelosers January 27, 2020
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(Stem Cell Disfunction). the corruption of stem cells placed in the body that causes the brains to refuse motor functions and may cause paralization in that particular part.
SCD is in my left leg.
by Alex Chandler April 19, 2007
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Most if not all medical conditions end in SCD.
by Jake Q Roehampton July 25, 2011
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School student who think they’re big because they bun and get with everyone possible in their year and below. Embarassing nitty bangouts.
Those scd lot crease me out
by Mannsbska October 31, 2019
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Stands For Stuart Country Day School, which is in Princeton, NJ. It is an all girls school from Pre-K to 12. It is only co-ed in Pre-K though. It's counterpart is PASH (Princneton Academy of the Sacred Heart) which is an all boys school. It's a good school...except for the kilts.
Maddy: I can't wait to go to Stuart Country Day School!

Fayette: Just say SCDS Maddy, jeez.
by cosmolatte July 21, 2009
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