10 definitions by Kacchan_420_277

A person with a dick that won’t go erect.
Boy #1: So how was he?
Boy #2: Horrible. He was a total Flopdoodle.
by Kacchan_420_277 January 2, 2020
A safe way to say someone eats pussy
Person #1: Ok we have to be careful my parents are in the other room!
Person #2: Uhh ok. Did you hear about Tony? He’s a huge Cat Licker!
by Kacchan_420_277 January 2, 2020
Better than Twilight in every way or form possible.
Harry Potter is better than Twilight. It is nether opinion nor fiction, it is simply a fact.
by Kacchan_420_277 January 2, 2020
She is a funny and caring person but never get on her bad side. If you hurt her in any way she will get revenge because she doesn’t take people’s shit. If you are dating a Natalia make sure to shower her with kindness, love, and affection. If you are nice to her she will treasure you with all her heart. She is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. She has her own opinions and hates people who judge her and other people like her. If your dating a Natalia never let go of her, you’ll regret it.
Person 1: Have you seen Natalia today?
Person 2: Unfortunately, no. I hope she’s well.
by Kacchan_420_277 January 2, 2020
He is the most amazing boy you’ll ever meet. If he returns your feelings then make sure to keep him as he’ll make your life a living Heaven. He will shower you with compliments and love. He’ll hate anyone mean to you and will stand up for you if no one else does. Things might get awkward at first as he doesn’t crush on many people but soon enough he won’t stand to be away from you. He might be aggravating sometimes but he makes that up with love and affection later on. He is humorous and caring. If your boyfriend is named Isaiah make sure to keep him as he’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you (talking from experience).
Person: I just started dating someone! Wanna know who?
Other Person: who?
Person: It’s Isaiah!
Other Person: You better hold on to him. He’s an amazing person!
by Kacchan_420_277 January 2, 2020