To stink terribly like body odor
I played basketball all day in the 95 degree weather and now I am all marked up.
by TD7 June 24, 2009
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to incorrectly label someone, gay,racist,dumb, or anything theat they arent.
My friend had me marked up, when he asked if I was going to pay for my girlfriend's dinner, dress, and limo ride, after i found out she had been cheating, Im not that dumb.

When i see guys watching Hannah Montanna they are instantly marked up as failures.
by Limmy bardin February 8, 2010
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MARK-UP (MAdrid Running Krew-Ultimate Parkour) is a spanish parkour/free running crew, from Madrid.
It was created by Javier del Val and David López in November of 2007.
They are all from 1994. Their "birthday celebration" is the 15 of November, when the 4 first members were to free run all day. Members:
-Javier del Val
-David López
-Javier Parra
-Mateo Notsuke
-Miguel Ángel López
-Aaron Arrate
-Serafín Castro
-Javier Álvarez (Camera-Man)
Pedro Sánchez
Borja Rodrígez (Camera-Man)
You can watch their videos writing "lamadredeltopito" in YouTube; but an incident ocurred with the old camera-man, Borja Rodrígez; he erased all the videos.
But MARK-UP is working roght now in a new video, Parkour MARK-UP: Rekopilation.
And Javier del Val is going to upload soon his video which he has been working 3 months; Parkour MARK-UP: Javier del Val solo.
PD: Javier del Val can also me named like Rasty or another name.
They also have a Fotolog called:
Date of article: 14/03/2008
MARK-UP is a parkour crew
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To gain some money over the work or service of someone else, by means of charging more to a third party.
"I am sure Braden is going to mark up my services, but I don't know how much percent he'll get."
by Light Station August 16, 2006
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to stretch out a story for an extremely long period of time. Can also be used as "marking it up", where the marker is marking the situation up.
I just listened to this guy tell the classic "chicken crossing the road" joke. It took that guy like 15 minutes to tell the story, he totally knows how to mark it up!
by Loan Agent July 19, 2009
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"What was it called, the, eh, the Mark That Goes Up. Y'know? The Floating Comma?"
by JayScribesScript March 18, 2019
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Really a great game that didn't get the publicity or recognition it deserved for two main reasons; it's just bad publicity for any store to advertise a game about graffiti, and the sad fact that since he helped fund it, Mark Ecko has his name plastered throughout the game. This simple fact turned off almost the entire subculture it was really designed for.

The basic plot line is that Trane, the main character, is an unknown in the heavily prosecuted graffiti underworld of New Radius city, he is soon sucked into a world of government conspiracy and must expose the truth through the uncensored medium of graffiti.

The game features a number of graff legends (voiced by themselves) from Cope2 to the social experiment OBEY. Each legend also has a background log into your black book
Guy1: Hey, you play Mark Ecko's Getting Up yet?

Guy2: No man that fucker Ecko's all over it beginning to end.

Guy1: Sad but true, still, if you can look past that it really is a great game.

Guy2: Alright, I'll try it, but I'm not spendin' $10 on it, I'm borrowing it from you.
by Ihaveposters April 30, 2008
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