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Game company responsible for classical game systems like the Atari 2600. Unfortunately dying over time from to hard competition from Sega and Nintendo.

Until this day games from the old Atari's get re-made into a new coat our redone.

Worst was wen Infogrames bought the name and with that thinking that people recognizing the name will associate them with long time quality. Unfortunately for them most don't fall for such a stupid idea...
"The Unreal Tournament 2003 T-shirt has Atari on the back but really is just Infogrames"
by KIlly the fox May 16, 2004

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PAL (Phase Alternation Line) Is the main European TV signal output.

The difference between PAL and NTSC (the American type in full: National Television Standards Committee) is that the NTSC syatem isn't as good in coloring as the PAL system but has a higher nuber of half-frame per second (PAL has 50, NTSC 60) wich makes tv images look more fluid.

These days tv's (especially in Europe) support both signals including a mix of both wich has the refresh from NTSC and coloring of PAL.

This system is also used as a country lock, meaning that sertain DVD's or tapes will only play if the system supports the signal.
"My TV support NTSC and PAL signal, it lets me watch normal tv in PAL and use my American game systems in NTSC"
by Killy the fox May 18, 2004

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Evolution of Pikachu in the Pokemon world.

Raichu is deprived of the word "ray" wich is "lightning" in japanese
"Raichu can kick some Squirtle butt!"
by Killy the fox April 18, 2004

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Another "teh" twist of the word bunny
"Look at teh itteh bitteh kawaii bunneh hoppin' away!"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004

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Game character originally from the Playstation (PSOne). He's a lil purple dragon that collects gems and does tasks to save the end from some evil villan.
"Spyro is one 1337 dragon!"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004

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A originally German word meaning "gift from God". Used often as a nickname or (perhaps) real name.
"Hey Hanno, yur doing good?"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004

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I Seek You. An instant message program with a lot of advanced options. However, of later after AOL bought it, it became less compatable with MAC users and has bigger adds in the boxes and mail screen.

I advice downing the so called "old" 95/98 version fot better compatability.

Still the only IM that supports real real-time chatting in a chatroom.

go to www.icq.com for the program
"wanna send that MP3 trough ICQ?"
"next time yur on ICQ, message me will ya?"
by Killy the Fox April 04, 2004

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