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Insultive term used for females who are boobless and males who have no muscle definition.
Damn, that bitch has a bird chest not even a bevel!
Dude, you need to work out, you have a bird chest.
by KILLKEV October 15, 2004

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Slang for jerking off.
Killing off thousands of possible babies.
Ill be right back, I have to go kill some babies.

Hes in the bathroom Killing Babies.
by KILLKEV March 10, 2005

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Hand pussy is a male that cannot get the real thing so stimulates himself using his two hands, putting them into a fasion of a pussy. Then fucks it vigorously.
Hand Pussy: "The only pussy that cant say no"

John fucks his hands.
by KILLKEV February 17, 2005

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A priest tool given by god to forgive the children of the world that have sinned. The rod is usually given through a hole in the confession booth.
As the child is stating his sins the preist will then thrust his Rod of Forgiveness into the ass of the child. Once the Holy White Juice is released the child is forgiven.
Confessions anyone? Let the kind man remove his collar and thrust his Rod of Forgiveness into your ass and smite it until the Holy White Juice cleans you of sin.
by KILLKEV November 19, 2004

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During oral sex, the tooth may clip the corona of the penis or worse the cum hole.
That bitch gave me a tooth shot. I was bleeding for a while.
by KILLKEV November 20, 2004

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Insultive term used for kids of African heritage.
Hey you fucking shit troll, get off my lawn!
by KILLKEV November 19, 2004

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One who has many rolls and can often be described as one that rapes the pantry and steals twinkies from little kids lunch pales.
The roll monster is suspected of consuming many food items.

The roll monster often hides food in its rolls for hibernation
by KILLKEV November 19, 2004

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