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the ultimate vintage bicycle brake company, which made cantilever brakes such as the Cyclo-Tandem, Jacky, Criterium, Driver, and gangster ish!

I thought of this because I own a set of this ish! Puttin' them on my MTB Tandem or just MTB. Love them.
Dude, give me back my MAFAC brakes. If you don't, I'll do your chick.

Dude, you dodn't know a thing about MAFAC.
by KDawg January 31, 2005
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To move will great adgility, speed, and fighting skill and/or to beat the shit out of someone; much like in the movie The Matrix
by KDawg November 12, 2003
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A show on mtv, on which they pick a group of people to travel an area of the world together and complete missions
The new season of road rules is on crack
by KDawg July 09, 2003
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1.An attribute most commonly found in minorities, specifically, among the jewish community. Also, found in various asians.
The jewish banker spotted what seemed to be a penny in the goatse man ; he was not ashamed to pull it out and keep it for himself.
by KDawg April 15, 2005
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1) v. To annoy; to agitate. Other forms: pesking, very pesked.

2) Mocking other people by calling them stupid, a moron, laughing at them, and sometimes offending them with words such as f***, s***, b****, etc.

3) Hurting someone's own pride.
1) Brandon, your starting to pesk me!

2) Tony, watch your language before the whole world finds out that you pesk people and they'll end up hating you!

3) Sam, stop pesking me!
by KDawg September 23, 2005
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n. Male semen, often used when discussing ejaculation.
v. To ejaculate.
Dude, i think i just schmuckled all over my baby blanket!
by KDawg September 27, 2003
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Born in 1952, in Jacksonville Florida. In his High School years, he joined a band, but then later transfered to the all-time best band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. He had many solos, and wrote "Free Bird" with Ronnie Van Zant. He's one of the best guitar players in history, if not the best. He survived the plane crash in October of 77, but later got in a horrible car accident which left him paralyzed, and died in 90 of complications from the accident. He'll forever be one of the best guitar players ever.
Man, that Allen Collins can play some awesome music...
by KDawg March 31, 2005
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