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What working people use to refer as the day dragging on and on and on.
Joe : Man, this day is taking forever!

Kevin : Its definately Rupauling.
by K-Rocc May 31, 2013

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A clever way of getting away with the fact your sporting a man purse.
D- 40, "Look at that dork with the man purse"!

K-Rocc, "Thats not a man purse. Thats a european shoulder bag".
by K-Rocc November 03, 2009

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Referring to a person with, in theory, no twig and berries. Just a smooth nether region.
Oscar - "Hey, K-Rocc, your a homo!"

K-Rocc - "Listen here Ken doll crotch, at least I got something"
by K-Rocc January 07, 2010

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When a girl is positioned in the middle of two guys and she proceeds to jack them both off.
Dude, Derek and I were rollin with this chick the other night and she ended up skiing the moguls.
by K-Rocc April 12, 2010

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The end result of not wiping your ass appropriately.
Dude, I took a huge shit, took a few steps and had creamy cheeks.
by K-Rocc November 07, 2009

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To fart in some type of sealable vessel, throw it at someone and subsoquently have them open it.
I scooby doo'd d-wreck. I farted in a bag, closed it, threw it at him and he opened it.
by K-rocc November 07, 2009

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When a cougars supply has ran dry. They must feed, so they go for manchovies.
K-Rocc - look at that Cougar, shes goin for that total nerd!

D-40 - Thats a manchovie!
by K-Rocc December 09, 2009

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