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a teenager who buys and sports overly priced clothing in order to resemble someone who enjoys rock music. Branches from this word: punkstackity, punkstackah, punkstack store.
- one example of a shirt a punkstack might wear: says "punk" on the front in gothic lettering, mesh sleeves, contains any combination of these colours--hot pink, black, silver. a shirt like this one costs about $30 at your local children's section of the department store at the mall in which your mother purchases drapes and shower curtains.

Rachel: Check out that kid with the mesh stockings and rip-off chucks!
Justine: What-oh, you mean the punkstack?
by Justine February 8, 2004
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A pleasant creature which has the body of a slug, except with legs. It runs jauntily, and is usually aflame, however, the kelet is never sad, only extremely jovial. He runs with the flames of death on his shoulders, bringing joy and peace to all who gaze upon his happy face.
I am in love with the kelet.

Kelets are the most beautiful creatures in the universe.
by Justine February 2, 2004
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A really ugly person...fat, dirty, ect.
Missy:DANG! look at that person...

Shayla:yea he be real crunkalee lookin
by Justine September 13, 2004
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to chill the fvck out
i know you're pissed but you need to cool out.
by Justine December 3, 2003
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"Old member's only warehouse. You should remember it; you're a dinosaur."
by Justine March 8, 2005
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painful, causing minor pain. Used once by Ralph Wiggum.
"It's all cold and hurty"
by Justine January 22, 2004
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