A pleasant creature which has the body of a slug, except with legs. It runs jauntily, and is usually aflame, however, the kelet is never sad, only extremely jovial. He runs with the flames of death on his shoulders, bringing joy and peace to all who gaze upon his happy face.
I am in love with the kelet.

Kelets are the most beautiful creatures in the universe.
by Justine February 01, 2004
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An evil entity that eats your children.

Oftentimes, it will go up to the roof of the house across the street, and just stand there, watching you...


If you try to kill it, it will regenerate and call more kelet to the roof of the house across the street. They will stare at you through the window with those evil eyes and that satanic smile... After a while, they will tear your door down and drag you into the infinite darkness... Not even blast doors can stop these purely evil creatures...

See also homophoipce and democrat.
*army of 10,000 kelet appears over the horizon*


*starts running like a madman*
by Corporal Eschebone February 13, 2004
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Kelet is a creature that lives within our minds and Aether space of the real world.

A soulless and heartless creature that makes life out of appearing in the sight of the dillusional or demented..... or those going insane... They help the process along. Kelets also suddenly appear without warning at times.

These creatures hang around and engulf their victem into the depths of insanity further to the point of no return. They feed off the chaotic thoughts and scattered emotions.... they love the taste of fear...

Kelets do not show any form of emotion outside of the gawking face.... When unhappy they make a loud sound which is most like this.... "UrrR!! URRR!!" and still do not change their expression much at all. The Kelet is an amazing creature of death and horror at which not even the most disturbing of nightmares can phase. They are also only known to attack when touched.... or at a completely random time... they have been known to be utterly calm... then just lean over and bite off the top of your head. Few live to speak otherwise.
AAAHHH Go away go away AhhHH!!!
by BiRELL December 01, 2003
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