What you say to someone when they tell you something bad happened to them. Can be used to replace that sucks!.
Brian: Some dog wandered into my garage last night and pissed all over my Razor scooter...
John: You're pissed.
by Brandon444 September 1, 2008
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alternative for the saying "You have got to be kidding me"

used to show disbelief or dismay.
girl 1: "She likes him again!"
girl 2: "You're pissing on me!"
by amyy.graceyy :) October 17, 2010
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used to insult a close friend in a joking hilarious way
WARNING: only use around close friends
Jose: Jenn, you annoy me so much
Jonn: *Gasp*
Jose: In fact, you're the piss in my pants
by lmaocity March 18, 2016
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Phrase used when expressing shock or confusion, as if saying "you're lying!" or "you can't be serious" or "i don't believe you!" in a positive way.
A: "i just got engaged!"
B: "stop! you're taking a piss!"


A: "i just got robbed"
B:"you're taking a damn piss, when did this happen??"
by Ru_ox May 14, 2023
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