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The Boston Prostate Exam is what the Boston Celtics gave the Los Angeles Lakers on June 17th, 2008. The Celtics blew out the Lakers by 39 points to win the NBA champioship. Bostons blow out was equivalent to a prostate exam without the use of a latex glove so Kobe Bryant could feel every finger all up in that ass.
Charles: Did you see the Celtics give the Lakers a whooping?

Marv: No Charles, they gave them a Boston Prostate Exam.
by Julio Rumundo June 19, 2008

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The act of a woman sitting on a man's face and he uses one hand to play with the nipple, the other hand to play with the woman's clit, and his tongue is buried deep inside her vagina.
How was your night with him?
Girl, he gave me a the triple threat and it was so good.
by Julio Rumundo February 06, 2008

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When your friends update status always have something to do with the kids being out of control, they are secretly asking for advice on how to handle the situation.
Tim: did you see Kim's facebook status all day yesterday?

Todd: Yeah, she is always talking about her bad kids.

Tim: That is what you call Facebook Parenting. She doesn't know how to control the kids.
by Julio Rumundo May 20, 2009

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When a man sporting a goatee plays with a woman's clitoris until it is erect and her vagina gets extremely wet. He then proceeds to conduct the lickity split (eat the coochie) until the woman cums in his mouth. He then moves back from the coochie and wipes his mouth to only be surprise with a nice load of goo in his goatee.
Lolita: Did you hook up with Buckwheat last night?

Matty: Oh yeah girl, I hooked him up with a nice load of Goatee Goo.
by Julio Rumundo June 16, 2008

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Julio Rumundo is an accomplished Urbandictionary editor/author. He has a few creative definitions to his credit and is in the process of creating more. This mythical being has never been seen in person by anyone but continues to share his knowledge to the world via Urbandictionary and his Myspace page. Once anyone gets to know him, he will have you asking "Who is this guy and how can I get some of that?"
Stacey: Hey girls, have you heard of this Julio Rumundo?
Jen: I haven't!
Kristin: Me either!
Stacey: That fool is the real deal, fo sho!
Jen: Fo shizzle?
Kristin: Fo shiggity?
Stacey: Fo rizzle!
by Julio Rumundo June 19, 2008

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When a man and a woman go to a buffet and pig out until their belly's are poking out and they are uncomfortable. They then go home, turn on the heat, strip naked and engage in the most wild, uncomfomfortable and sweaty sex.
Chica #1: How was dinner last night with Julio?

Chica #2: Oh my goodness chica, we did The Manatee.
by Julio Rumundo May 29, 2008

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Chittling Grease is created after a man has had hot sweaty frog sex with a woman all night long and the next morning, without taking a shower, he goes and plays basketball. Once he is finished playing basketball he has now mixed a woman's love juice with some nasty sweat between his balls and his legs. This will create a nasty, funky thick, brown substance and the smell is equivalent to that of chittlings.
Joe: Did you hit that last night?
Frank: I hit it all night and got up and played basketball.
Joe: I knew you smelled funky why you were playing.
Frank: Oh yeah, I got some good old chittling grease right now. Here smell!
by Julio Rumundo June 19, 2008

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