In science fiction it's one of the ways for starships to move faster than light. The thing works by not actually moving you, but rather by contracting/deleting space in front of you and expanding/creating space behind you, while you remain in a bubble of non-deformed space. This way it seems to not violate Einstein's special relativity. First time the word was used in Star Trek back in the 1960's, and since then became popular as a go-to faster than light travel engine for sci-fi writers.
In real life, the idea of an Alcubierre drive was proposed, which is essentially a warp drive and theoretically can break the light barrier, but it requires a lot of negative-mass exotic matter, the existence of which is doubted.
Shields down, captain! Warp drive is inoperational!
I want to believe that one day NASA actually builds a working warp drive prototype.
by Vovacat17 July 27, 2018
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