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I true wiger has ancestors who wore little white wigs.

A person of royal descent. Typically of the european or cockasian persuasion.
Either a slave to money and power, or a wannabe slave to money and power.

Typically a loser who measures their intelligence or reproductive value to humanity by monetary resource.
That old dude thinks he's a pretty meaty wiger.
by whiteslave March 30, 2021
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A white bloke who pretends he's black because the way he walks and talks (is actually spelt wigger but who cares)
Who does th@ wigger think he is chatting th@ crap
by ...???... May 9, 2004
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noun. A wiger is a white person that acts like hes black. Some people will say that its a combination or "White" and "Nigger" but the actual combination is "Wanna be Nigger". Wigers wear long shirts, real baggy pants, non-folded hats, and usaly a fake ass chain. I am a white boy and im proud of that. Also a specific name of Poser.
by BrandynMcCartney January 25, 2008
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a white person who grew up in the ghetto then moved to white suberbia and is frownd upon this is used manly by white people
look at that dumb wiger, he thinks he grew up in the ghetto or something
by stephanio May 7, 2004
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A man or woman that acts like they're black or african american life style.
He acts like he lives in the ghetto, what a wiger!!
by Joe Vissarion August 21, 2003
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