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A term of light derision originating in England
"ya fackin toilet, youve gone and got me the wrong bloody baccy, Lucie, hes gone and got me the wrong bloody baccy". Said Ian.
by Jonny Tennant December 10, 2005
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Term of derision, referring to the early 90s' and occasionally present phenomenon of people wearing fleccy tracksuits.
"That disco was crap, there was loads of flecs going around starting fights". Recalled Assumpta.
by Jonny Tennant December 11, 2005
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Some cat who's either clearly not into hip-hop, buying records or is just a lazy bolix. Quite similiar to a DJ except with MP3s.
"Man, That MP3J was playing some pretty snip beatz last night and she was also a total lasher", recalled Phadraig.
by Jonny Tennant December 11, 2005
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Dublin slang for a person who walks with a rigid upperbody, arms slightly out, trying but failing to be intimidating. Sometimes accompanied by a slight bending of the knees. Often accompanied by screetin.
"The state of that shaper over there, what a dork". Commented Simone.
by Jonny Tennant December 13, 2005
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To comprehend or like something. Possibly coming from the Irish- An Dtuigeann tu? meaning, Do you understand.
''Hey Willie, I'm totally diggin your new hair do!''. Remarked Roger sarcastically, after Rogers' near fatal accident with the strimmer. And this wasn't the first time the two lads had nearly come to blows.There was that time when rude Roger had slagged poor Willies' old man off for having only one ball,a piece of information that Roger should have never found out, if only it wasn't
for Willies' loud mouthed ex Grainne and her tactless ways. Man that girl was a shit-talker if ever I saw one. What about the time when Roger, that utter bastard was jeering Willie about only having one eye, especially when it was indirectly Rogers' fault that Wilie had come to lose the eye in the first place. ''One eyed Willie, one eyed Willie''. Yeah, really funny Roger, HOW original. Bastard.
by Jonny Tennant July 4, 2006
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name used by northern Irish unionist politician David Irvine to describe electronic music/music with repetative beats
"They had me up all night playing that bloody woodpecker music, the needle must be stuck on the record".
by Jonny Tennant December 11, 2005
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"I'm just going to spin a few hoops and then we can go to the shops" shouted Paul the DJ to his wife Sharon who was upstairs after a bath, trying to get the new curtains up in the front room. The newlyweds had originally been going to go with a sort of lime green and mauve art and design style pettern, but in the end they opted for the simpler orange ones that they had seen earlier in the less expensive shop downstairs, where Sharon had had an episode and had started calling other customers offensive names and laughing at them, possibly because of Pauls' inadequacy.
by Jonny Tennant December 11, 2005
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