16 definition by Jonas

(n) highly homosexual individual, sexually tilts towards molestation of dead russian men
cwiiis, you are SO gay with Joseph Stalin
by jonas November 27, 2003

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Simply, the number of stars on the badges worn at paramount parks by 18 year old "simpsons"esque workers (especially "canada's wonderland") equals the amount of gay the worker is in letting you do fun stuff...
that dude stopped mike from smoking that j behind the top gun roller-coaster! He must have like 3 homostars
by JONAS February 29, 2008

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Used to describe someone who is so ugly that they must be kept behind closed doors, not to be confused with cupboardy which is also a word.
Gaffa looks very cupboardly today.
by Jonas March 24, 2005

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The act of being a homosexual as well as illiterate at the same time. Also smoking pot and gorging himself with acts of sex fills the person's life full of love and laughter.
Bobby is opening the school for children with Munder Syndrome. a rarity experienced in the hearts of men from San Francisco.
by Jonas December 18, 2003

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The act of eating out after your done with her vagina and cum is dripping everywhere.... so your slurp it up and spit it back into her.
"hey Shane i heard when your condom broke, Carli asked you to smurlge burg it all back in...."~Jonas
"hey fuck you Jonas!"~Shane
by jonas January 20, 2004

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a group of extreamly good looking guys that excels in many ways among ordinary people
Gwapings si jonas!
by jonas November 30, 2003

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jonas' boyfriend. he is HARLA dope
jonas <3's lerrick. mmmmmmm
by jonas October 27, 2004

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