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1) The debris that collects around ones anus, especially after long periods of poor hygiene. 2) A subtarded individual.
after not bathing or wiping his ass for several weeks the fat sweaty guy reeked of ripe dingle-berries and floffus.
by Jolly Roger March 13, 2004
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Navy term for Aviation Ordnanceman who's job it is to load bombs and missiles on military aircraft as well as load and maintain other aircraft armament systems. See Ordy
The BB Stackers are working round the clock with the Intigrated Weapons Team to ensure all aircraft are combat ready.
by Jolly Roger March 25, 2004
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Slang for Aviation Ordnanceman, said by some to be the most important job in the Navy.
The stated primary function of the Navy is to provide for open sea lanes. This is done by show of force which requires the ability to deploy ordnance on target.
The aircraft carrier is the primary force in a naval battle group which all other ships in the fleet join to protect so that it may deliver ordnance on target.
Every job description is essential to maintain a successful mission but the ordy is a special breed often regarded as just a little bit touched.
Pilot: I sure hope the ordies got my weapons straight otherwise I might as well be flying a hang-glider.
by Jolly Roger March 25, 2004
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1. one who jabs ass. one who ass fucks with one's penis in the anal cavity
2. Sal Caputa; one who often engages in anal sexual intercourse with one's dog with stolen cheap condoms.
3. one who gives blow jobs, spits the cum in some one's mouth, then has that sperm blown into their anal cavity
Sal Caputa, of Belgium, WI, is such an ass jabber in all forms
by jolly roger April 26, 2004
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Navy term for the seagulls that land on the grinder/blacktop that you march on.
In the chowhall you sometimes are served cornish hen, some new recruits have never seen a cornish hen and you tell them it's grinder bird.
Seaman Johnson: These are the smallest chickens I have ever seen.
Seaman Morris: Thats not chicken it's grinder bird.
by Jolly Roger March 25, 2004
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To not actually be gay but to engage in homosexual activity in order to satisfy your own carnal desires and is kept secret.
After the girls did not show up for the party the guys watched the porno tape and were soon on the low down.
by Jolly Roger April 09, 2004
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1. Any beer that is cooler than the ambient tempurature.
2. Being colder than you have ever been.
1. Neighbor: Hey bud I double dog dare you to give me one of those beers.
Bud: They're not cold yet.
Neighbor: I don't care, it feels cowboy cold to me.

2. I woke up this morning and my hair was frozen to my horses chest, it was cowboy cold last night.
by Jolly Roger October 08, 2004
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