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A person who tweets way to much, usually about boring or every day activities that noone cares about
joe: yo did you follow that hot girl on twitter yet?
joe#2:yea dude, she tweets so much, like every 36 seconds. its so annoying.
joe: wow sounds like shes a tweet twat
by Johnnybertone November 30, 2011

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a name for an asian porn star
porn addict#1: yo did you see that asian girl in that porn link i sent you yesterday
porn addict#2: yea she was a real slamauri
by Johnnybertone July 24, 2011

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Similar to a cream pie where a male ejaculates in a female's vagina, it's when a (typically larger) prison inmate rails his prison bitch in the ass and reproduces this "cream pie".
Bubba : come here pretty boy I hope you're hungry

Timmy : please no! I don't want another prison pastry!
by Johnnybertone March 27, 2014

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Similar to Dutch Oven, the act of showering with another individual and cutting a hot one.
"i was showering with this girl the other day and i just had to fart. good thing she was into dutch showers"
by Johnnybertone October 17, 2011

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A deal or a bargain only a dad would find in a hardware or home improvement store, such as Home Depot or Harbor Freight. Such deals include power tools 90% off, or lumber to build that deck in the yard for 75% off.
Dad 1: hey Jimmy! Did you see the Dad Deal they had in isle 6 next to the cordless drills? 60% off Milwalkie 3/8th drive 18v cordless impact gun!

Dad 2: No I didn't see that yet! I was still in isle 4 looking at planking for the deck with bobby turner. You remember bobby turner from down the block? He came by because I'm just going to put the planking on the roof and hang out the window to hold it down instead of tieing it down.
Dad 1: Oh bobby! I remember bobby! Bobby the boobie bobber we used to call him!
Dad 2: that's right! Craftsman hand tools
Dad 1: steaks for dinner

Dad 2: beards.
Dad 1: American muscle cars erg.
by Johnnybertone June 25, 2014

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To have a sweat mustache after intense activity
douche bag 1: YO DOOOD...i just pumped iron like a motherfuckin BOSS and im so FUCKING sweaty i think i have a sweaty sanchez
Douche bag 2: AL-FUCKING-RIGHT
by Johnnybertone July 08, 2011

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The act of pirating software or music on the internet, but being lazy about it. If you don't find a Hulkshare or Zippyshare link to it on the first page of google, you just cave in and pay for the software/song.
CIA Agent: *Kicks in front door* You're Under arrest for pirating music!
Lazy Pirate: No! I'm Just a lazy pirate. out of 12 songs that i downloaded today i paid for 7 of them!
CIA Agent: You lazy pirate
by Johnnybertone May 16, 2013

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