The act of snooping into other peoples conversations, pictures, information, etc. when you are using the social networking program Facebook. Especially if the person you are creeping on is not a close friend and just someone you hardly know or don't know at all in person.
How did you know they were dating?
Oh, I was facebook creeping last night.
by FordJN May 26, 2011
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When you go on facebook to look at peoples profiles and or photos and you go look throough their friends and their friends and so on.
" I was on facebook for 3 hours today just facebook creeping peoples photos"
by lafleur11 June 29, 2007
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1. to spend a ridiculous amount of time (normally when procrastinating, bored, or both)on the website Facebook
2. to look up persons whom you are not related or affiliated with and/or have no intention of being friends with in real life because of some amount of potential weirdness, hotness, lameness or other limiting factor
"Susan spent 2 hours facebook creeping the super fly guy from her biology class, looking at his pictures, comments, wall, news feed, and that of everyone he is friends with."
by Amandalie December 3, 2007
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An act in which one looks at a friend's/stranger's facebook profile, pictures, and recent activity. Everyone denies their involvement in this act (when in reality most people do it when bored), then in turn accuse someone else of doing it later.

A person that does this often is called a Facebook Creeper.
Jon: "Hey, did you hear Jack broke up with Jill?
Paul: "Uh, how'd you know that? Were you facebook creeping?"
Jon: "No, of course I wasn't!"

A few hours later...

Brian: "Hey, did you hear Jack broke up with Jill?"
Jon: "Dude, stop facebook creeping."
by Not a Facebook Creeper June 23, 2009
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A Facebook creep is someone who passes all of their free time on Facebook, looking up details of someone they just met, someone whom they may be infatuated with, but this is not necessary.
A Facebook creep knows of all flattering and compromising pictures of a person, as well as where they are, and follows the developments on the person's wall closely, perhaps to spot a lover not mentioned in the relationship status.
Tory spends all of her free time on Facebook when she should be studying. She is a huge Facebook creep.

Curtis: "Tory! Did you see those new pictures of Chris?"
Tory: "Those were up yesterday. I love the one where he was hammered!"
by define_this November 30, 2008
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Something we all do.
Person One: Are you facebook creeping again?
Person Two: Yes, yes I am. But that doesn't make me creepy.
by SomeCreeperUnderYourBed September 12, 2010
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A person who spends too much time looking at people's pictures, conversations, and information. They especially take the time to check out people of the opposite sex they have never met before or talked to before. Facebook creeps also have random conversations with people of the opposite sex who they would never talk to in person, and think they have some type of "game". A good facebook creep will start a relationship with the person who they randomly started talking to.
Person 1-Nick was talking to this girl in our hall who he never talked to before.

Person 2- What a facebook creepers!

Person 1- Can you believe Nick goes out with this girl who he met on facebook. That's not wierd or anything

Person 2- Ha,Ha! I'm sure this kid thinks he is the man now cause he has a girlfriend. Too bad the only reason he goes out with her is because of facebook.
by antifacebookcreep October 20, 2010
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