stacking poll results by directing people to a web poll; with the goal of intentionally biasing the results to support their particular point of view
"Attention all believers in the sanctity of baby peas. There is a poll on a Go there and vote that every baby pea is sacred and should be saved, even those that are frozen and will never be planted in the ground"
by michael stempel July 19, 2005
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mindlessly surfing Facebook for girls you saw last night at the bar, people in your classes, and ex girlfriends
I am freeping my fucking face off right now
by KSkrilla January 19, 2011
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facebook + creeping = freeping
the act of being on facebook making fun of people and their facebook posts
So I was totes freeping on ______ wall and she has a lot of drama!
by Kathy is Amazing July 24, 2011
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To slew or cheat an online poll by repeatedly voting (clearing cookies, using proxies) or to make a blog appear to be commented by numerous posters by the same means. (From the practices of the Free Republic or "freepers")
The results of the CNN question of the day were running 70:30 in favor until an hour ago when it got freeped.
by JWWF March 15, 2007
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Free Shipping, short of free shipping services as offered by many merchants, mainly online.
freeshipping freepping: I got this very cool gadget with freepping. I get freepping with my vip rewards on every purchase.
by hosst October 26, 2011
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Someone who participates on the message boards at Generally speaking, an ultra-conservative crackpot.
I heard this Freep talking about how he thinks President Obama was a Muslim who wasn't born in the United States.
by happycake January 13, 2011
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A small noise made with your mouth when you let out a little air out of your mouth by pushing it out of your upper lip.
"He let out a silent Freep in the middle of class"
by Griffkart September 7, 2017
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