One who is very stupid - a fuckwit.

Dunce originates from when children who refused to learn or just bloody stupid and sent to the corner and wore a giant cone with a red D for dunce on it.
Timmy you fucking dunce to the corner!
by LazyBoy November 12, 2004
An expression to someone that you think they are utterly stupid & probably wouldn't compare to a retarded lizard.
Brian you are such a dunce, GO SIT IN THE CORNER!
by TexySurtle November 4, 2011
The peek of the bottom society. One who is to dumb to understand simple things or is just an all-around idiot
This word can also mean you are an egotistical prick who deserves to be hung in the Third Reich
Idiot: "Hey you *insert insult for something extremely idiotic here*"

You, an intellectual: "Go away, you fucking dunce"
by An_Intellectual September 27, 2019
Someone who acts like an idiot
India couldn't figure out her math homework, she is a total dunce
by BobSagat1 September 27, 2017
Me: dunce
Young vegan: that's not what dunce means
Me:*looks up dunce*
Young vegan: oh
Me: *makes urban dictionary acc just to show young vegan what a dumb butch she is*
by MySpaceisstillcool April 17, 2016
A new bad word to the equivalent of Dip Shit.

Original Meaning from Dunce hat.
by Hen12342 January 22, 2015