19 definition by Joe Rodolico

Italian slang. A foul, disgusting, low-down, rotten person. Also spelled skifozo.
That schifoso would sell anything to anybody, including his own mother, if someone made him an offer.
by Joe Rodolico November 13, 2006

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A new breed of thrift shoppers that will trample or kill anyone who stands in between them and a bargain.
Black Friday was really sad this year when a mob of frugalistas trampled a guy to death just to save a few dollars on Christmas shopping.
by Joe Rodolico December 02, 2008

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A situation in which farmland prices skyrocket due to speculation in the futures market in one or more crops. Asset bubbles form when too much money finds its way into one area of the market. The bubble is considered to be excessive, and, therefore, not sustainable in the long run.
Farmers are planting more and more corn, because the demand for ethanol is creating a farmland bubble by raising the value of their land to previously unheard of heights.
by Joe Rodolico April 03, 2007

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A feeling of sympathy for al Qaeda that inspires local terrorists to carry out attacks on the U.S., even though there was no previous affiliation between the groups.

When the local terrorist group saw al Qaeda getting pounded on TV, they were overcome with an attack of sudden jihad syndrome (SJS), and decided to strike the nearest soft target.
by Joe Rodolico January 03, 2008

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A title of honor for an extremely attractive, single female in sixth-century Ireland. Voting was held in small villages.
Her beauty, charm and innate breeding won her the title of Tierney of the village.
by Joe Rodolico January 27, 2007

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A woman who only marries for financial gain. Once the money is gone, she quickly leaves her husband and takes what little money is left with her.
After Howard lost everything in the stock market bust, he realized what a toxic wife Wanda really was when she emptied out their joint bank account and split.
by Joe Rodolico December 12, 2008

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A member of America's class of home-owning families with only two thousand dollars in savings. Deeply in debt, they live from paycheck to paycheck dreading any unforseen financial catastrophies such as a sudden illness or unemployment. First coined by Karen De Coster and Eric Englund.
Taking out a home equity loan might seem like a good idea to a two-thousandaire, unless one gets laid off and ends up penniless.
by Joe Rodolico June 27, 2006

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