A skirt which is longer than a belt but shorter than a miniskirt; in other words, 5-8cm long.
The microskirt is the semi-official dress code for 14-year-old girls at discos.
by Darth Ridley September 17, 2006
An especially short miniskirt, abbreviated to the point of being dangerous to wear outside of a theatrical venue, as the brevity of the hemline does not provide the necessary coverage an otherwise more full-length skirt would provide. Microskirts are frequently the "skirt of choice" for prostitutes, exotic dancers, or women who simply like to attract attention (see: "Go Hoochie") and/or like to live dangerously.
Paula was wearing a microskirt when she got propositioned on the street. She should have known better!
by GoHoochie September 23, 2009
An extremely short miniskirt that does not extend the base of the crotch—generally less than 8″ long—exposing the thighs and lower part of the butt and panties.

Originating in the 60s—including some school uniforms of Japanese culture—and adopted heavily in Western culture by tween and teen girls as part of deliberate and promiscuous fashion.

Also used officially by cheerleaders and performers and more recently found as part of a swimwear fashion known as a bikini-skirt, where the bikini brief is clearly exposed under a frilly microskirt.

Synonyms: micromini, micro-miniskirt, bikini-skirt
Miniskirts shouldn't be allowed in middle school let alone microskirts!
by MissMira November 6, 2013
Something that you look at and your looking up. Used by girls who liked to be noticed.
Man did you see that girl in the microskirt? She is hot!
by Eastb01 January 6, 2007