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1.) A post in a forum/message board that indicates the person agrees with a previous or quoted reply to a thread.

2.) Shorthand for "My thoughts exactly" or "me too".
Joe posts: "Urbandictionary.com is a great site for learning forum speak."

Floe responds: "+1"
by Joe Mama April 28, 2004
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A yellow or orange colored, sweet fruit or the tree it grows on, native to China but grown in temperate areas all over the world.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
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A derogatory term used to discribe one who has been caught masterbating. Also usful in slaging someone.
Leave me alone ya clown puncher!
by Joe Mama November 28, 2004
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The character from American Pie who cusses frequently and is a "grandmother-fucker"
Steve Stifler is my hero
by Joe Mama June 18, 2004
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sitting back, relaxing
Friday we was just cold kickin' it live, takin' no jive.
by joe mama September 19, 2003
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Actually is wasn't written by Johnny Thunders at all. Most of it was written by Dee Dee Ramone, another 2 verses was written by Richard Hell who was, of course, also in the Heartbreakers and also a junkie.
cited from speratical
by Joe Mama April 12, 2005
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1. A pregnant female.
2. To engage in sexual intercourse with some below the age of 18.
1. Sally likes to fuck, shes with child again!
2. Nobody is with child more than R Kelly
by Joe Mama November 10, 2003
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